What is link building?

Surely, you want to rank on search engines for the services or products you provide and build more trust between you and your audience. Everyone is striving towards this goal. But, not everyone is doing this correctly and some end up getting penalized by Google.  A proven tactic is acquiring hyperlinks from other pages to yours. Known as link building. Search engines, most notably Google, use links to crawl the web and rank the pages based on their unique algorithms.

Why is link building important?

Links by themselves are one of the fundamental ways that search engines extract information about the quality of the website. Furthermore, links are used to discover new pages and to help determine how well a page should rank in their results.  When they are deciding this, search engines use the number of links pointing to your website and the quality of those links.

For example;

if a prominent and world-renowned page such as Forbes or The Guardian link to one of your resources, your Google rating will rise substantially. Moreover, the thing that separated Google from other search engines is linking by itself. An old metric used and invented by Google was PageRank. This was used to determine the overall quality of a page based on the number of links and other pages pointing to it.

Eventually, SEOs caught up with Google and started to abuse PageRank and thus, Google started to put out updates which filtered out these websites. Now, Google focuses on quality, not quantity. If you focus on building high-quality links, then your website will rank higher on Google’s first page. This means that 1 or two links with high-quality content will do better than 10 links with poor content.

Checking page Authority

Now, you might be wondering how you could possibly know the authority of a webpage. Well, there is a simple solution: You can use Ahrefs to check the proxy indicator of a page ranking. This tool is super handy for all things related to link building. In addition, it can be used to see the domain rating of a site as well as the number of backlinks going to it.

However, just getting a backlink from an authority site isn’t going to promote your content on Google’s first page. According to an interview from an ex-employee of Google, what’s relevant is the authority site’s theme in correlation with your own. For example, if you are writing a blog post for tea, getting links from sites about technology won’t help, even if they are the top authority sites in that niche.

You can buy backlinks and its good as long as you keep to the policies.

It’s very common in today’s practice to buy backlinks However, you should always use the “nofollow” attribute. If you are a user, you won’t notice the difference when clicking, but search engines do. This attribute tells the engines not to rank the link and discount it from any kind of consideration. The underlying idea behind this and buying links is that you shouldn’t get organic rankings if you have bought the links.

Placement Requirements

Additionally, when you get backlinked from a relevant page you must know that the position of the link matters. If your link is editorially placed in the content, it will be worth more than it is added in the header or footer. The bottom line here is that your links need to appear in the main body of a webpage to be the most effective. Furthermore, the anchor text and link co-citations play an important role in search engine rankings. The anchor text is the clickable text section of the link and co-citations are the words and phrases around your link. If the anchor text is directly connected to your link and the co-citations around it make sense, that gives more clues to what the content is about, resulting in a better ranking.

Finally, you must know that content marketing is the secret that will be your leap for internet stardom. Of course, some content types outperform others and generate more links. Using diagrams, infographics, images and visually oriented pieces of content work better than plain text. They are the best because they are the easiest to link to and we humans are visual creatures. A striking, easy to remember image will always be better than the best-written paragraph. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and that still holds true to this day.

Best Practices

Two of the best practices to get yourself links are in-depth guides and original research with corresponding data. Firstly, in-depth guides are a very beneficial resource that will cover everything about a given topic. They compactly pack an insane amount of knowledge in one place. This will make your guide the top resource that people go to look for information. Secondly, content that gives insight to new data from original research, studies and surveys are widely known as highly linkable. Whenever somebody wishes to cite your findings, they will be linking to you which adds up your links substantially.

In Conclusion

link building can staggeringly benefit your business. This process will help you to build relationships, build your brand and send referral traffic your way. The outreach of links can bring you a myriad of new people to check out your website. As soon as they are on your page, this means that they will be exposed to your other content or some promotion that you have going on, such as an e-book. Nurturing your relationships with key influencers in your niche and giving back will make your business trusted and more valuable.

Now, it’s a great time to reflect on these concepts of links and earning them. Every link building campaign must begin with something that is worth linking to. As long as you begin something that is truly valuable, this will be a much easier endeavour.

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