Launching your new business with ease

Launching your new business? We can help you with the creative side.
it doesn’t matter if you are in the United States, The United Kingdom or in New Zealand. We will help you with a Brand new media kit to suit your needs. We have 2 packages the ‘SPARK’ package and the ‘BOOM’ package. We accept payment with PayPal and most well-known cryptocurrencies..

Minimum Requirements

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The first thing people will notice is your Business image, at a bare minimum. You need a strong professional logo, a neat and precice business card, and a optimized facebook page.

Business “Spark”

With a bare minimum the “Spark” box will get you out of the gates in no time.

1. Logo

A strong business logo is engaging to your potential audience, They will identify this logo with your business. a Unique and remarkable logo will differentiate you from a business with just a generic logo.

2. Business card

3 options of a standard business card 3.5″(88.9mm) by 2″(50.8mm) to choose from. We will edit the details for a second person for free, so technically that is 2 business cards.

3. E-Signature

Sending mail from desktop gives you the option to add a Visual digital signature. We can make some awesome signatures – If I may say so myself.

4. Facebook page

Anyone can make a facebook page it’s not that difficult, Let’s polish your look with a consistent look and feel. Making sure it is set up with the right parameters for your business.

Business “Boom”

Includes a website for your business plus everything listed in the “Spark” Box

A Website makes a huge

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a Website that carries your brand. the image you show to the world. a Place where your audience can see what you offer.

“Spark” box Plus a Website

What we offer in the “Boom” package is a simple platform where you can start to build your online presence. A long form page with 4 to 5 sections as required. Think of it as an online introduction page for your business, Who we are, What we do, Why we do it, Who our customers are, what we can offer you and how to contact us sections. Delivered within 2 weeks.

Need a Website only?

There are 3 tiers of websites that we can help you with.

  1. Simple pages ( SPARK and BOOM )
  2. Sales pages. ( click the button for pricing )
  3. WordPress sites.

General Graphic design (Examples)

For any other graphic design work, Feel free to request a quote.

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