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If you want more Customers.

The reality of the situation.

You should realize by now that people search on the go and that means mobile. Perhaps the biggest percentage of those potential paying clients are using google. As a traditional specialist service industry business you may have not spent so much time and effort to keep your website updated or even telling the world what you have been doing. So literally there is nothing else for google to find but your ppc ads.

You might be 100% visible for 10% of your business and not even realize that you are able to bump this up and become visible for more related services in your business. Much more.. So when more customers in your local area do a google search, Who do you think they will find?

The statement “ Search engine optimization “ actually just means. Google can only find what you have published. And the people that have been publishing good content are the ones at the top of the page. So when a customer does a search what do you think he will find?

If you don't have any content that aligns with the customer search then effectively you are invisible. Even if you do have a page or two that might qualify, You still need some citations from high authority sites for google to take notice. Along with some other minor factors.

"It's like finding new pockets of Clients
That is already looking for the service you offer"

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"Local customers can only find you
If they can find what you offer."

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By Listening to what you tell us,
About your business. We are able to help you
discover the hidden potential of your business.

We identify low hanging keywords that you can rank for and with our connections in the media we rank your business for those keywords within 48 hours. Publishing related keyword content every month ,will land your business in the google money pack within 8-12 months. Depending on your local competition

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