[Setting the frame]. This article is geared towards marketing done right for specialized service industry businesses like Aesthetics, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Eye Specialists, Dentists, Lawyers, Wedding suppliers, Real estate companies, Home improvement services, Storage facilities, Plumbers, Electricians, and Funeral services.

Elusive Marketing R.O.I

Marketing done right should be simple.

It should be straight cut and it should make sense and it should bring more paying customers. Let’s say you were buying and selling goods for profit, The only reason you are doing this is the fact that it brings in a margin. So in that sense, Let’s consider the expense on marketing, as a stock item that you can use to bring in more sales. The issue comes when there is no way you can really verify whether it’s working other than what has turned to revenue. So you stop spending, Then 6 months down the line you have less and less calls, So you stop all smaller expenses. When this happens. I see an imploding business.

I think there are quite a number of people that don’t quite get marketing for local customers. Ultimately if revenue does not turn a profit, Then it’s a downward spiral.

Meaning, that every business, Does not matter what you do, You should be connecting with people, and you do that through marketing, That requires a budget and a goal sheet, With the main aim that you re buying ( $XXXX) marketing and expect to see (XX%) improvement in some service or product inquiries, that will bring greater customer volumes to your business, increasing the chance by (x%) to make sales and bring in profit. It’s like spending on 12 units of marketing over 12 months, That bring a double-digit increase in inquiries.

I’m not here to name platforms, methods and strategies but to point out the logic behind it all. Everyone is essentially doing marketing with the same goal in mind, Conversion and Retention.

What to focus on

marketing done right

When businesses still advertised in the big old yellow book, The premise was simple. Tell the people what you do and how to contact you. Space was limited and generally expensive so businesses focused on one specific service to offer and a contact number, On the internet we have so much space and options that a lot of businesses advertise their presence only, without any thought to attracting the ideal clients. They are focused in big hoards of inventory they try to punt, Without any thought of who they would like to attract.

and that is where online marketing is so powerful. By using the simple strategy of taking one service even if you do offer many, or one product, or one skill, and really drill down on that one thing, 2 things will happen, 1. You will attract customers specifically for that service and 2. You will have an opportunity to introduce them to the rest of the menu once you have them on your book.

Casting the net too wide is generally not such a good idea and a mistake many local business owners make. Spreading marketing too thin, and they go bust before even getting started. You can’t throw the audience with the entire menu that will just confuse them. Confused people don’t spend. Short, sweet, To the point, exact, consistent, with a great user experience. focused on one specific service or product. Based on the type of customer you would like to attract.

But what does it mean? The customer you would like to attract? The template is simple and can be used in most niches. It goes like this.

There is no way I could write it better. so I left a link at the bottom of the page.

MethodsMore Customers, Marketing done right for Local business 1


The two faces of marketing online, and the key to local customer marketing.

1.PPC – Paid advertising including but not limited to Adwords, FB, Linked-in, Twitter, and a plethora of other paid platforms.

2. S.E.O Probably the busiest word on the internet, meaning, its really time consuming, and Yes it does work if you do it correctly, But for the most part I think people are still quite confused as to how this is supposed to work. Aligning your content with what people are searching for, will bring in traffic that’s a fact. But high-cost S.E.O consultants rarely make for positive returns.

3.Marketing for better visibility to local customers. Blog posting, article writing, and an arsenal of published and paid for inbound releases cited on high authority news sites, The result? a steadily increasing customer base within a business where growth and up-scaling is in the blueprints. Else you will be flooded with customers and will close down due to bad management. That’s why this model is only for select businesses. Well, the mindset of the owners more than the business itself. If you want to grow and scale your business and you are smart enough, Most business owners are, Then this hands-off method will gradually open a stream of customers to enable that vision.

You can become visible for anything you want to. It just takes time, consistency, relevancy, interesting, story like, updates or expansions from earlier releases, Fanning out visibility over a 12 month period, As a consistent and deliberate effort to increase awareness of one specific service and related products or offerings. What do you think will happen? It will cause greater awareness, which means Google will think it is important, and therefore rank it higher. Esp if you have included high authority citations to whatever content was released.

** My business provides a hands-off service as described in point 3.. See what you are visible for? Let me show you.


Marketing done right

a Very basic strategy,

  1. Look at your business, Of all the products you sell or services you offer, Which one is the one that you enjoy the most doing, or perhaps you have a higher regard for one brand over another. However, it may seem. If you can find that one thing for your business. Then write it down.
  2. Goal: Increase the visibility of (service/product) currently there are 2 requests a week for that one thing you wrote down. And the goal is to move the needle perhaps to 8-10 requests a week. over a 6 month period. Increasing sales of this service or product by (x%)
  3. To do that; select one platform based on the product or audience, and focus on that one platform to start with. master it. Learn all you can about that way of doing it and apply it. If you stick to one platform you can focus on and master it. FB and Link-in are both good for building connections. But getting out content on your blog and having your content cited on high authority sites will increase your reputation with Google and you will receive greater visibility for that one product or service you have identified. Essentially guaranteeing that within 6 months you will notice the phones are busier and there are more people coming through the door.
  4. Consistently release content about your business on your blog.
  5. Release content in the media on a monthly basis. At the 12 month mark your business will be receiving a steady stream of inquiries and as a smart business owner you have polished the on-boarding skills of your personnel, You are managing the scaling process well. With more sales making this possible. The best part is you are building the business and you have no worries about content creation or releases.

**My business releases content about your business, with a pre-planned strategy. So you can focus on running the business while we focus on the creation and publication of content that will increase your visibility. Let me show you


Marketing done right

Oh the math of marketing.

The tracking industry has become a ginormous network of parameters and tractable events. For the med to small business, Adding high-level tracking might be great, but it’s also going to be expensive, Everything needs to be taken into account. Or so we believe. The distinct difference would be for high volume advertisers and a small business, High volume advertisers get to test and play until they succeed, That’s why they dominate the market.

For a local business to flaunt 10s of thousands of dollars at a paid ad campaign they are not sure will succeed is terrifying. It borders on gambling. Ok, you can pay to get it done? Wait. So you want to pay someone to throw 10s of thousands at paid traffic and you are a small business. How is that not terrifying? ok… ok… it’s a bit dramatic. But I am sure that’s how most business owners that are paying for a ppc service sometimes feel, esp if its a cheap ppc company.

** My team does research on your business, we dig deep to find places where you can compete that you haven’t considered before, We map out your visibility. And as time goes on we update your visibility score and you will see the difference when phones ring more and more customers comes through the door. That’s why we may only work with select clients. We would love to hear from you lets see if this is a fit. See how your visibility affects your customer inquiries, Let me show you what your business is visible for.

Marketing budget VS Customer Service

marketing done right

Serving customers well only lie in the ability to scale well. Think carefully where you invest in your business. Making the right investments will allow you to gain great reviews from being agile when more and more customers came on board. “not dropping the ball” so to speak.

How does this impact your business? Well. It’s called on-boarding. By being ready to receive inquiries and responding with the best customer experience in mind that wins over the customer and getting paid. Is the focal point of all this effort to market your business. I can send you a 1000 clients. If you can not on-board 1 of them, then ROI = – 100%

Scaling and re-investing are traits of the smart intelligent business owner. Planning ahead and having revenue and profits to re-invest is paramount. Buying a $5000 couch does not qualify as an investment. Neither does buying a $3000 desk. There is Zero ROI on office furniture. Can you imagine the difference in R.O.I from spending on a marketing budget VS spending on Office furniture?

Rather spend $1000 on marketing and when customers contact you. By using a simple method to onboard new inquiries you will hit where it matters. This will bump up your paying customer database, Quite dramatically. This instils confidence in marketing and gives you more options of investment as more paying customers = Greater Revenue and increased profits.


Elusive Marketing ROI. Determine your customer value/lifetime value and build your marketing budget from there. Throwing money at marketing without this simple metric is not going to get you anywhere.

What to focus on. Drive deep with one service or product and only introduce your new customer to you other services once you have the customer on-board.

Methods. Doing it yourself takes time dedication and know how. You could hand it over to someone that knows what they are doing. Do it For me

Strategies. Follow one simple strategy for a prolonged period of time, that builds reputation, awareness and media recognition. That has lasting effects, unlike ppc.

Math. For a small business to spend thousands on tracking is not viable. Hearing the phone ring more often and seeing more customers coming through the door is an easy hands-on, in your face result of marketing done right.

Marketing budget VS Customer Service. Being able to onboard new customers by giving them a great experience is achievable by all, Being able to grow and scale will set your business apart from most small businesses.

Be aware: You should have the growth and scaling of your business at heart when you follow this method, If you are not planning on scaling, ultimately your reviews will turn negative with your inability to give new customers a great experience. So with increased profits, you have more choices. for better staff, more staff training, maintaining facilities and equipment, and have a great marketing budget that brings more business than it costs. When you do marketing right you can turn $1000 marketing spend into $5000-$10000 of Revenue.

Disclaimer* Due to the nature of our business and strict media guidelines we are only able to work with a select number of businesses at any given time. We would rather have a chat with you to see if working together will be a great fit to make sure you have an awesome experience. Tell us more about your business, so that we can see, how we would be able to grow your business like we believe we can.

Can you handle more customers?

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* Niche template Read it here.

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