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This local seo Pretoria post is aimed at people that have heard about SEO but does not really know what it is how it works or how it may benefit their business

” I have heard about SEO but I don’t understand what it is

There is a jargon answer about search engines and how they work to find your business, but in most cases, I have found that this just confuses business owners even more.

Let’s build your understanding by asking a few questions.

  1. you have a business, right? and you would like to sell more of your products or get more clients that visit your business?
  2. Have you ever spent money on marketing in the form of advertising?

Paying for ads, this includes printed ads, radio, tv, social media. All have one thing in common. The moment you stop paying for the ads the visibility ends. Ads are no longer seen by potential customers because you are no longer paying to show the ads.

This means a drop in customer phone calls and people that walk through the doors. Awareness of your business is no longer promoted.

How is SEO different?

88% of consumers, searching for a local business using mobile device end up calling or visiting the business. Nectafy


This means:

  1. Consumers searching on their mobile device for a local business can only find you organically if the search engine can find your business.
  2. The search engine can only find your business if your website conforms to the search query
  3. This means the search engine looks at your website and asses whether your site is an accurate fit for the question the consumer typed in the search box
  4. That is why it is so important to have a strong web presence and a strong website.

What do a strong web presence and a strong website mean(in short)?

  1. Your website clearly focuses on the service you provide. And have in-depth pages on every service or product you provide. In other words. If your webpage is a 1-page long-form, listing 5 to 10 different services that you offer, The search engine is not going to know what you actually do.
  2. The correct way would be to link every one of those services to its own page, with an in-depth, informative, educational write up for each service focusing on that particular service or product, In a way that would answer some of the most often asked questions by customers.
  3. The google my business pin on google maps is a sure-fire way to show customers where you are and how to contact you. If your contact information on your google pin is different from your homepage then google will drop you down lower in the list and a business that has all their details correct on all pages will be shown to the consumer first.
  4. Social media platforms. 80% of businesses are using it incorrectly. It’s not rocket science and once you understand that you need to engage with potential customers instead of blasting out ads in social posts, Then you are already ahead of 80% of other business out there.

Think about it like this.

The search engine is like an auditor coming to your web page, in its hand, it has a list of questions that users ask. The search engine then audits your site and try to see how many of these questions that consumers have, is answered by your website and what the depth is compared to other websites that you are competing against. If the search engine finds that your site has the most relevant answer to a consumer question, It will show your site to the consumer.

There are no shortcuts.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for local business takes time, On average it is an 8- 12-month journey to get a webpage in a strong position. Because another fact that business owners do not understand is that. If you put up a page within a week with 300 well-written subcategories that cover everything possible. Your site will still be penalized

But Why?

Search engines are looking for slow steady growth if you upload a complete manual to all the possible questions in one go. Google will see it as a deliberate attempt to manipulate the search engine.

Search engines look constantly at your website to see how often you update your pages and how often you publish new content.

The only sure-fire way is consistently over time.

So what benefits does this have for my business in the long run?

Optimizing your web presence with a strong social and web SEO strategy will mean that once your site is presented to searching consumers, You will get the phone calls, your business will get the foot traffic. Unlike paid advertising. Your page will continue to be visible for as long as the search engine considers your page to be the most relevant.

Ok so doing SEO right takes a long time to kick in is there anything we can do to get off the ground quicker?

Yes. Combining your SEO strategy with a paid ad strategy for the first 6-8 months will drastically improve your results. For the first 6-8 months, you will have immediate visibility. as your rankings improve you may dial back your paid ads. So the higher your page rank naturally the less you will need to pay for advertising.

Local SEO is not one specific thing. it is a host of little things that makes out a complete strategy.

  1. understanding your customer queries
  2. understanding the service you provide
  3. aligning customer queries with your service or product in the form of blog posts.
  4. optimizing your entire site to fit this strategy
  5. Updating and expanding on a weekly basis ( Min once a month)
  6. Auditing and correcting all your listings in all business directories that you have ever posted
  7. Building your Google my business listing, with great photos and all the required info according to the accepted guidelines
  8. Building out a focused service campaign and yearly timelines in example mothers day and fathers day promotions.
  9. Collecting and engaging subscribers in the form of an email list that really provides innovative, insightful, educational and helpful information in such a way that your customers’ cant wait for the next mail you send
  10. Automating your social channels with your defined SEO strategy.
  11. Continuously engaging with consumer requests and building a library of questions customers ask that can be used as a base to build your blog.

It’s a lot of work

Yes. It’s a lot of work that is why it takes time and dedication, and you will most likely only succeed if you commit to a full 12 months of doing this.

What is one of the greatest benefits?

Once you have completed a 12-month cycle. You are pretty much set up for the next couple of years. there will only be slight variants of the most commonly asked questions. All your promotions are worked out and only requires subtle edits. In many respects, It’s like raising a baby up to the point where they can walk, eat by themselves and tell you what is wrong

From that point onwards you start to get more sleep again and life, in general, becomes much more relaxed again.

Sometimes I hear “I tried SEO it didn’t work

To be honest, if you are a business owner and you are trying to do SEO yourself. I take my hat off to you, in the same breath, I would say, Shem.
shake my head from side to side and take a moment of silence.

It’s impossible to try and convince someone about something if they have already made up their mind what they believe it is and how it works from reading a couple of articles on the internet.

There is a reason people are SEO Experts. The same way an Eye specialist is different from a house doctor. It’s all they do and they do it every day. It’s only natural to think that they know more than someone that has read 3 or 4 articles on the internet.

We are SEO Experts, We help businesses with local SEO to become more visible in their local areas to pull in more calls and customers through the door.

If you would like to have an assessment done about your business.

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