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Monopolists has been creating a significant amount of buzz recently. They’ve helped law firms with their SEO resulting in a significant increase in profitability. This was achieved by improving their websites’ SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Rating. By using content and specific keywords, you can increase the visibility of your website on search engine results, such as Google.

While Monopolists are the experts and will be able to tell you specific ways to improve your SEO rating, you don’t need to spend a large amount of money to make basic improvements already. In fact, you don’t even need a lot of tech expertise for the tips we’re going to give you today to improve your website’s SEO.


Your first step should be to get a better idea of what your competitors have implemented on their own websites. A simple Google search of lawyers in your area will give you a list of the top 5 competitors (who are the top 5 because their SEO is effectively optimized) and you’ll need to look at their websites one by one.

Look at the type of content they’re using, the quality of the text, and the originality. Make notes on how you would improve their content as well. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, understanding your competitor will give you a better idea of the approach to take. By seeing what makes your top competitors hold the top place, you’ll be able to implement the same into your own website.


Title and Meta Description are not important just because Google uses them when displaying your information in its search results, but it’s also important because it leads to a higher click-through rate. Additionally, having a relevant and clearly worded Title and Meta Description, leads to a more organic search result, meaning users will be more liable to visit the link.


While having a website does satisfy the requirement of having an online presence, that’s simply not enough. You will need to link your law firm with another platform. Social media is the most commonly used method, and for a business, options like LinkedIn and Google My Business are quite amazing. Having a presence on these platforms adds legitimacy to your website and Google’s search engine algorithms pick up on these signals, which help your SEO rating.

For example, through Google My Business you could list your law firm and provide names of relevant personnel, addresses, contact information and hours of operation. You can add a detailed description once the listing is approved, which in itself is not a difficult process. This results in increased visibility on search engines, and if you’re using a Google platform that has a verification process, then it automatically adds a stamp of authenticity and would boost your SEO ranking.

It’s important to note that, if you’re going to use more than one platform for your online presence, then you need to be consistent with the name, address and contact information. “Consistent” would mean that you use the EXACT SAME spelling, characters, and format to display all this information on each of your chosen platforms.

A search engine like Google uses location as a key factor in its search results and considering that these details all have to do with location in some way, maintaining consistency is vital. If you use different spellings and formats, Google’s search engine algorithms could raise a red flag which would have a negative impact on your SEO ranking.


If you get the opportunity, ask your regular clients to post a review about your law firm on any of your chosen platforms. Some websites have a testimonials section but that trend seems to be disappearing fast. Google Reviews is another option and would obviously help your Google SEO ranking the most.

Manufactured reviews won’t cut it though! Reviews must be authentic and if they’re posted by registered users, which is more than likely, then the effect on your site’s SEO rating would be incredible! You’ll have to keep your platforms linked properly and have a registered and verified account for each in order for these measures to take full effect.

Considering the popularity of Facebook, you could also consider having a Facebook page where users can leave reviews. An authentic and positive presence on such verified and recognized platforms also goes a long way in boosting your SEO rating.

Expert exposes insider tips to achieve higher ROI from SEO for law firms. 2
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As explained above, Google is big on location. Therefore, it’s important that you use location-based keywords. When someone is searching for law firms in your area, Google will be factoring in their location, which in turn would use your location information, along with the location-based keywords, to display you as a relevant search.

In fact, the more relevant keywords you have, related to your location and also your law firm, legal practice, areas of expertise, and services would all be factored in when Google assesses your website’s information for display as a search result. This is why the emphasis is placed on content being original, but relevant. Use keywords that would be related to the keywords that might be used by a potential client for their Google search.

Expert exposes insider tips to achieve higher ROI from SEO for law firms. 3
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However, you need to be subtle in your approach. Simply stuffing every keyword onto every inch of your webpage won’t help in any way whatsoever. In fact, if your volume of keywords is high and erratic, Google’s algorithms will raise a red flag. Make sure your content is organic and the keywords are used naturally and with relevance within the content. The above tips are a great way for you to start with your website’s optimization. However, content is king and for specifics on how to improve your content and other proven methods. You can visit the law firm SEO website.

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Expert exposes insider tips to achieve higher ROI from SEO for law firms. 3
Lawyers Get a free SEO Audit – Click here now!