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Marketing Lead Generation For Lawyers & Attorneys

We focus on Inbound marketing to bring in more local customer inquiries. Through our high authority connections in the Media we provide exposure for your business that will enable more local customers to find you and contact you, when they search on google for the type of service you provide.

This Method is long lasting as it improves your general reputation, The high authority citations puts your business at the top of the local directory list when potential clients do a google search.

Through this process your website will be visible in the google 3 pack within 6 months and should stay there for some months depending on how strong the competition is.

How Your Practice Benifits

  • Improved Web Presence and visibility
  • More customers finds you more often
  • More customers become clients
  • Rank better and longer
  • Digital footprint grows
  • Authority backlinks
  • Media recognition
  • High authority citations
  • Reputation management

Our service are best suited for.

Business Lawyers (also called a Corporate Lawyer)
Business formation
Employment considerations
Immigration law
Sales of consumer goods
Contract drafting and negotiations
Intellectual Property

Employment & Labor Lawyers
Labour Law
Unions and Collective Bargaining
Employment Law
Workers’ Compensation

Intellectual Property Lawyers (IP)
Industrial design rights
Plant variety rights
Trade dress
Trade secrets
Intellectual property law changes

Family Lawyers
Child custody
Visitation rights
Financial settlements and distribution of assets
Domestic violence
Child abuse and neglect.

Estate Planning Lawyers
Living Wills
Estate plans

Personal Injury Lawyers
Animal bite injuries
Auto accidents
Aviation accidents
Bicycle accidents
Boating accidents
Brain injuries
Burn injuries
Construction accidents
Defective products
Insurance/bad faith claims
Medical malpractice
Motorcycle accidents
Nursing home abuse
Pedestrian accidents
Slip and fall accidents
Spinal cord injuries
Wrongful death

Real Estate Lawyers
Buying a home
Selling a home
Real estate law
Tax law
Landlord-tenant law
Insurance planning
Insurance law

How does it work?

A step by step method ensures that your practice will see inquiries grow month by month. Over a 12 month period we will double and even tripple the ammount of qualified leads that contact your business. With a strong onboarding sequence you will be able to double and even tripple your profits within a 12 month period.

Step 4

The Results

Your generated content will rank your service at the top of organic search positions within 48 hours of activation and should rank at the top position for months. Doing this for 12 conescutive months will increase the ranking of your entire website. Within 12 months your practice will rank at the top of organic search results for a prolonged period of time

Why not paid advertizing?
When a paid advertizing campaign stops. Inquiries taper off over a 3 mont period. The Content exposure method we use is long lasting and you should have top organic ranking for upto 12 to 24 moths.


How do you get started?

In order for us to help your practice grow, We need to learn and understand what your practice is about ie. What you have done before in terms of marketing, Where you have had success with marketing, where you have had failiure in marketing,

The most important part is to discover  the services you offer that potential clients are searching for but your practice is not shown in the search results.

We do this with a Visibility report. This is an initial reort to show you wehre the greatest potential for growth lies in your practice.

Click the button to

Get a Visibility report

Due to strict Criteria

Our media partners gave us strict criteria, So we would have to make sure where and how much we would be able to improve visibility for you. And that you would be able to handle all the customers that we send you. Apply for your visibility report.

  • You want customers to find you much better.
  • You can handle more customers.
  • You want to grow your business.
  • You want to scale up as you get bussier.
  • You want to see what you are visible for now.
  • You want to know what else you could be visible for.
  • You are already spending on marketing but feel unconvinced.
  • You get that marketing is a business function and not a uncalculated expense.
  • You understand that marketing is a long term project not a short term spurt
  • You are busy and want to get on with your business.So we do it all for you.

Start growing your legal practice today

PS. Are you ready to start growing your legal practice?

Then start with a visibility report for your practice. Through this we will identify areas of your practice that are not showing up in local search for potential clients that are searching for the exact service that your practice offers.

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