Those that are not marketing online are losing out on business daily especially in very competitive niches like that of law. Law firms can generate large amounts of income from a single client depending on the case and settlement. Areas of law vary vastly as do tactics used to market as personal injury lawyers tend to have a huge budget when compared to that of criminal law attorneys. The first impression that many clients get of a law firm is that of the website so this needs to be up to par. The goal of the website should be to educate and set appointments with clients. For this reason, making contact information and location as clear as possible is imperative. No law firm wants to miss out on a big client simply because their website looks extremely outdated. Clients will see a poorly designed site as laziness which is not something that they want out of their legal representation. The following are how law firms should digitally market in today’s consumer market.

Educate Potential Clients

Educating clients is important as they might not even realize that they need legal help. People do not understand about creditors’ rights and other things that could impact their financial health for years to come. The blog or speciality of law on the site they explore should have information that they can use. The blog should be updated regularly as laws are as well as trends in law. For example, social media related laws needed to be changed due to advances in technology as there was not a precedent set before as this technology did not exist.

Showcase Knowledge On Industry Publications

Ranking at the top of the search engine rankings should be in the minds of all law firms. Contributing pieces of content that link back to your site or a link in the author bio can be a huge help. Not only does this backlink help your SEO but the content is in front of the firm’s target demographic. Avoid trying to get as many backlinks as possible on websites that are not relevant as this can incur a penalty and these types of sites offer minimal benefit. This is going to take time so hiring someone to do email outreach to publication might have to be done. Finding publications willing to take quality content is not as difficult as getting them to agree to put a law firm link in. For this reason, creating resources on the blog to link back to can help this process become a bit more efficient in terms of time spent per link built. Targeting the right keywords in these articles is also important so make sure to do keyword research prior to writing this content.

Incentivize Clients For Reviews

The one thing that nearly everyone does is takes a look at reviews for places they will eat so they are definitely going to do research on a law firm they are thinking about hiring. Knocking something off of the bill or giving out a gift card to those that write reviews can do the trick. Referrals being rewards is also important as a great lawyer can be of help to at least one person in your current client’s social circle. Monitoring these reviews is also very important as ignoring a review can look to readers like the firm doesn’t care about a client’s experience. With this being said you are never going to please everyone so keep this in mind.

A successful law firm needs to market digitally in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Take the time and money to invest in digital marketing as you won’t regret it.

Source: Social Media Explorer

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