About Real and Works

Our Vision

Our goal is to get more customers for your business. Through in-depth research about your businesses online presence and current strategies. We look for existing opportunities in your business where the local visibility is low or non-existent.

We compile an easy to understand Visibility report where we will show you the areas in your business that we can grow for you that will bring in more customers and increase revenue.

We thrive in the knowledge that a well planned and auctioned campaign could potentially double even triple your business within a 12 month time frame.

The longevity of our campaigns outlives Adwords and FB marketing campaigns. Which means a completed 12 month campaign will have long lasting results. Where as Adwords and FB the results stop when you stop the ads.

The one thing we do really well

The reality of the situation:
Your business visibility is limited and customers struggle to FIND you

The task we do:
Discover what you are visible for and what not, and where great potential lies

The action you need to take
Commit to a long term marketing program.

The results we get you.
More customers finds you first. Your revenue increases and so does your profit. You site ranks higher and longer.

The Team

Regard Vermeulen

Business Owner
Marketing Specialist



Gjoko Savevski

Customer Support Manager