Guest Posting and Guest blogging service

Guest posting service.

In this post we will cover

1. What is guest blogging / Posting
2. What is high domain authority
3. Why does guest blogging on high authority domains matter?
3.1 Secret. 1
3.2 Secret. 2
3.3 Secret. 3
4. How do you get started with guest blogging?
5. What does a good Guest blogging partner offer?
6. Benefits of outsourcing Guest blogging.
7. Join a winning team. (Order a Guest post today)

1. What is guest blogging?

3 Guest Blogging secrets, That will make you want to guest post today. 1

Have you seen headlines that read, guest posting service, guest writing for blogs, guest bloggers wanted, business blogs that accept guest posts or guest blogging opportunities. Essentially Guest blogging and guest posting are interchangeable.

Ever wonder what it’s all about? And why people make such a fuss about it? By the end of this post, you will have a fair understanding of why a guest post is such an important part of an SEO Strategy.

Who will typically do guest blogging? Anyone that has a blog and would like to get traffic from a high authority source.

Let’s look at an example.
Imagine you have an SEO agency, Writing blog posts on your own site will bring in organic search from only your posts on your own site. When you partner up with an SEO news site that curates SEO ideas and content and you publish what you know on their site. It would make sense to think that you will draw in traffic from all the users on that site that found interest in the blog, you  “ Guest posted” on the SEO news site.

3 Guest Blogging secrets, That will make you want to guest post today. 2

2. What is a high domain authority?

Let’s look at a hypothetical example:

Think of it like this. You decide that you would like to get more information on Guest blogging, You phone the SEO agency, The receptionist picks up the phone. You ask for more info about guest blogging. Now the receptionist’s job description is; receptionist. So as a receptionist this person might know a thing or two but (The authority the receptionist speaks with) is much lower than the SEO consultant. When the SEO consultant answers your questions about Guest blogging, The authority level is much much higher. Why? Because this is the job of the consultant and this person should naturally know more.

“DA” or Domain authority; The higher your Domain Authority (DA) the higher your domain will rank.

The same goes for websites. If your website has a high volume of really good quality and relevant information on a topic that keeps growing at a consistent pace, With inbound and outbound links to other domains with high authority. It is only natural to assume that your domain authority will increase and as a result. With a higher domain authority comes higher rankings and more organic traffic.

Just to make it clear, domain authority is not a google measurement, It was developed by MOZ as a page rank predictor and it happens to be quite accurate. You may read up more about domain authority here. If you want to dig in a bit deeper.

3 Guest Blogging secrets, That will make you want to guest post today. 3

3. Why does guest blogging on high authority domains matter?

Guest blogging on high DA sites has amazing benefits for your site traffic and well worth the time and effort.

3.1 Secret. 1

When you guest blog on a site with a high DA ranking. You are posting content on a site with much higher traffic than your site. This might seem obvious, but you will be surprised at how often this is not a considering factor when deciding to look for posting partners.

3.2 Secret. 2

If you manage to get the interest of the readers on the site where you are guest blogging, They will naturally start flowing to your site to see what else you are writing about. This is not likely to happen with your first attempt.
consistency is key. But when this takes off, other sections of your website will receive double or even triple the visitor count.

3.3 Secret. 3

When readers from high authority sites, where you are guest posting on a regular basis, start flowing to your site. Google will see two things. 1. Your backlinks from high DA sites increase on a consistent basis. 2 users are increasingly clicking through to your site. Google will raise your rank as more and more high authority domain links point to your site and more and more of those readers flow to your site.

Guest blogging on high authority domains regularly will over time drastically increase traffic to your site. Which will result in much higher CTR(Click through rates) and a much higher sign-up rate.

3 Guest Blogging secrets, That will make you want to guest post today. 4

4. How do you get started with guest blogging?

Step 1.
You need to identify and make a list of sites that have a higher DA(domain Authority) Than your site. These sites should be curating content from the industry that you are working in.

Step 2.
Reach out to the Webmasters, this is easier said than done. You might think that you will just send a pitch and get asked to write a guest post? Wrong.
People are people and it’s still true, the old saying of it’s who you know, not what you know.

You would need to get the attention of the right people without spamming them and start building a relationship with them. See if you can find them on social media.  And start following them. Sign up for their newsletters. This might work to an extent but think to yourself how do you really start building a relationship?

By asking for advice. If you go to three or four industry leaders for who you would like to guest post. And ask them all a question about a related topic, You will be able to make a post on your own site citing these people and their responses. If you do this often, you will over time get the interest of these people, And you should not be surprised if other high DA sites start linking your content.

I am not going to tell you sweet stories of how easy it is to get started. Because it’s not. It’s quite hard.

However hard work will be rewarded. perseverance is key, Be friendly, Be helpful and be patient.

Step 3. (Optional “The short cut”)
In hindsight, Saving a lot of time, effort and speeding things up quite considerably might be a better option. How do you achieve this?

You outsource your guest blogging to a trusted 3rd party that delivers amazing results. Push button guest blogging returning long lasting traffic to your site.

Problem solved?

Well, I have to give fair warning that if you just jump into the first, best-looking company that offers the cheapest prices, that says they do guest blogging, You might find that the targeting is not fit to your niche, The content is poorly researched, low quality and poorly written. They might even just straight up, disappear with your money.

The only way you will win is, if you join a winning team.

3 Guest Blogging secrets, That will make you want to guest post today. 5

5. What does a good Guest blogging partner offer?

They will offer you a professional writer for your niche. Not one person writing for all the different niches. They will do research on the keyword or phrase that you are targeting and write a professional piece for you.

They will have hundreds of connections with high DA sites in different niches. You will not have to do any outreach yourself.

They will send you a draft of what is getting posted. After you approve the post, they will line it up for publication.

Once the guest post has been published. You will receive a report detailing where it was posted.

All done for you.

3 Guest Blogging secrets, That will make you want to guest post today. 6

6. Benefits of outsourcing Guest blogging.

6.1 Perhaps the greatest benefit is that you get access to sites with DA of 10 up to DA 50. Without doing any manual outreach (hands down the most daunting part of guest posting)
6.2 Keyword and search phrase research is done for you.
6.3 An Industry specialist writes your post. You have a choice of 500, 1000 or 1500 words.
6.4 When your post goes live you receive a transparent report.

6.5 You did not have to worry about anything. And you are getting traffic from a site with a high DA(Domain authority.

3 Guest Blogging secrets, That will make you want to guest post today. 7

7. An awesome Guest posting partner is waiting for you.

The only way you will win is, if you join a winning team.

By now you should have a really good insight into how amazing guest blogging may work to get long lasting traffic to your site. You may also have a feeling of exactly how difficult it will be to break into it.

Lucky for you. We wrote this post for people like you. Because we are one of the most reliable partners that you may wish for.

7.1 We have formed relationships with thousands of high DA sites over the last few years. We have the right connections in the right places. It took us a long time to build it as we did.

7.2 We have industry expert writers that will research your keyword and write an awesome post for you.
7.3 You will review your post for approval before publication.
7.4 Your guest post gets published and you will start to see traffic flow to your website.
7.5 These guest blogs will build high DA backlinks to your site. This will raise your rank naturally.

The only thing to keep in mind is that. Guest blogging or Guest posting is just like any other SEO strategy. It takes consistent effort and it takes time.

We would recommend at least at minimum 1 guest post per month for at least a year. That will be 12 posts. You will see a dramatic increase in traffic from the 6th month onwards.

Your rank will improve over time because of the high DA backlinks that you are building with these guest posts.

You will save a mountain of effort and take advantage of our connections in the media.

Click here to take a look at what we can do to help you start guest blogging.

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