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Depends on a steady stream of paying clients.  

Real and works is a high end bespoke solution for client sourcing.
we help local businesses get more customers.

So what is this about ? 

I’m known for getting local businesses the recognition they deserve, bringing them new customers, and helping them become the number one choice in town.  By applying my unique and highly effective media strategy, I can take any local business  and drastically increase their exposure for a variety of products and services in a matter  of months resulting in significant customer growth. What I can do for your business is so  effective initial results can be seen in days. 
I can only work with a limited number of businesses and criteria is strict to maintain my  media relations. If you are a business interested in improving your reputation, getting more recognition and exposure, and are in a position to handle more customers then get in touch to apply.

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Lets see how we can move you forward

To grow your business you need more paying clients.

Thats what we do for you.
It's "like" having your own sales team sending you customers.  

About Real and works

We have been in the traffic generation business since 2015

Traffic generation technology has developed at an astounding pace.

With all the contacts we have made in the last 4 years, we decided to focus on a single customer procurement model for specialized service industries  that is "Google proof" 

This has paid off exceedingly well for the businesses that used our model.

With over 300+ contacts at high authority media sites, We are able to get your business a flood of exposure on a "local customer level" like never before. 

This translates into more paying clients for your business.*

~  "Our Secret Sauce" ~ does NOT include Adwords or SEO.

" The true reward of running a successfull business is the opportunity it affords one to invest in memorable experiences."

Regard Vermeulen

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